Nielsen and Fractal create new Syndication Service Indonesia

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JAKARTA, 6 JULI 2015 – Nielsen, a global performance management company, today announced a strategic partnership with Fractal, a local leader for research outdoor media, to release syndication service measuring outdoor media in Indonesia. This partnership will provide a better picture of the effectiveness of outdoor advertising, to help advertisers get a return-on-investment best of their advertising strategies by analyzing the competition proper, selecting the right location, the selection of target appropriate and proper investment.

Currently the penetration of outdoor media in Indonesia is 52%, the second highest after television. With more than two-thirds of consumers (67%) go outdoors either on weekdays or on weekends, 25% of consumers spend time outdoors, and the average spent on a trip for one to two hours, outdoor media is significant opportunities bari the pengiklan.¹

“We are very excited to partner with leading companies such as Fractal. This partnership opens an excellent opportunity to provide a new perspective for our clients, “said Agus Nurudin, Managing Director, Nielsen Indonesia. “Outdoor Advertising is currently a general perceived as an expensive investment for the media because it requires more effort to run and effectiveness have not been terukut clearly. With the lack of clarity regarding outdoor advertising, advertisers will be helped to make better decisions for their advertising investment. ”

More than seven out of 10 Indonesian consumers in the age range 20-49 years say they see outdoor media static when traveling outside the home, with the highest penetration rate in the main cities such as Denpasar and surrounding areas (89%), Banjarmasin (88 %), Solo and Palembang (86%) and Medan and Makassar (85%).

[1] Nielsen Consumer & Media View, 11 Cities study, 2015

“The combination of global expertise on the Nielsen consumer and marketing insight and understanding of the Fractal local outdoor media will provide a comprehensive view bari our clients to ensure that the strategy and outdoor media investment they will be more focused,” said Agus.

With syndicated media measurement, advertisers from various industries are like banking, telecommunications, FMCG, etc. will be able to do the landscape for outdoor media by measuring three variables:

Monitoring and analysis of competitive locations where Nielsen-Fractal will monitor the content and the physical condition of outdoor media in the city, creating a ranking based on the technical conditions, geo-demographic and traffic aspects; and provide monthly reports to clients. Outdoor media that are monitored include Billboard, Billboards, Videotron and pedestrian bridge (JPO). This service is currently available in Jakarta and will be expanded to four other cities.

Creating a standard with advertising monitoring. This step will allow advertisers to investagate ad spending in their category and competitors, while outdoor media site owners to determine the right price for their location and the location of competitors. It then determines a standard rate that can be accepted by the industry.

Describe the target profile advertisers, media opportunities outside their room to see the consumer, and also the range and frequency to measure the effectiveness of ad campaigns.

“Our partnership marks a breakthrough in the outdoor media industry.” Said Reza Sjarief, Managing Director Fractal Indonesia. “We were the first in Indonesia that provides syndicated measurement of outdoor media. The question that is always asked by the advertisers for is about competition, location, target and investment for their outdoor media strategy. Today we present to answer these questions, and together with Nielsen we are committed to provide best services to help our clients succeed with outdoor media strategies that better. “

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