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DUQSi Indonesia is a media services company developing and maintaining media systems for commercial purpose in retail, transport or office environments. Currently more than 220 million passengers are exposed to the DA4RID product installed in twenty KAI railway stations in Java. Furthermore 5 million passengers view our flight information services at rapidly growing airports.

DUQSi Indonesia is a QSi Holding Ltd business unit registered under PT. Delphi Utama, registered in Jakarta, and operating since 2009. Together Delphi Utama and QSi Holding combine the technical capabilities with media services. DUQSi Indonesia offers advertisers direct access to an increasing audience on quality displays with effective exposure, due to its combination of information with advertisement. Read more

Our services

DUQSi Media has three main services available for airports, railway stations, shopping malls and other public places: DA4FID™, DA4RID™, and The Central.

What these products have in common is that they offer digital need-based-media solutions with a low Cost Per Thousand (CPM) impressions compared to other digital signage media.

Digital Need-Based-Media

An Arbitron Study on Airport Advertisement shows that 58% of all airline passengers and 68% of frequent flyers recall noticing a traditional advertising display at airports. This is just one example of the limitations of standard outdoor advertisement and digital signage solutions.

Our Digital Need-Based-Media solutions aims to integrate digital advertising into information displays in Airports, Shopping Malls, Railway Stations, and other public places, which increases audience awareness and advertisement recalling to more than 90%. Read more

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